PALL-E: Text to speech

PALL-E speaks for you if you can’t.


PAll-E: Version 1.0.

 PALL-E will speak for you as you type.

        You can either have PALL-E say the text after you type a phrase (press “Play” button), or have PALL-E say the text after each word in ‘speak while I type’ mode (“__! __! __!” button). PALL-E remembers what you have typed and will present matches to previously used phrases as you type (most frequent matches first). Matching is done using fuzzy logic, so you can use abbreviations or have some typos.

        To select a phrase, just tap it. To remove a phrase, press the red ‘X’. To edit a phrase, press and hold the phrase.

        To pause speaking, press “Pause”. Press and hold the “Play/Pause” button to stop speaking.

        If you enable iCloud sharing (when you first start PALL-E) the phrases are stored in the cloud and are available across all your devices with PALL-E installed. Otherwise, your phrases are saved locally on your device.

        You may customize the voice by selecting a new voice, changing pitch and/or speaking rate. These settings are saved along with your phrases. After changing the settings, you may test the new voice by pressing the “Play” button.

        You may also select different search/sorting preferences to change how previously used phrases are shown.


        Use comma (‘,’), period (‘.’) or exclamation (‘!’) to add a brief pause. Use question mark (‘?’) to add upward inflection at the end of a sentence.

        Search using abbreviations by using queries like “hmj” to match “Hello Mrs Jones”.

        Improve pronunciation of things like “Dr” (“Doctor”) by adding the phrase in “Settings>General>Accessibility>Speech>Pronunciations”.