KuMaster: Sudoku made easy


KuMaster ™: Version 1.00

KuMaster allows you to play Sudoku on your favorite device.  KuMaster can generate a random new puzzle or extract a puzzle from a photo.  KuMaster can solve the next move or solve the entire puzzle.  KuMaster will show what choices are valid for a cell (via tool tips).


Just select a cell (tap), then select a number for that cell.  Invalid choices for a cell will show in red.  KuMaster keeps track of the number of moves taken and the number of moves remaining.  Press and hold a button to see a tool tip.  


Delete‘ – Deletes the current (selected) cell.

Blank Puzzle‘ – Clears the board.

Undo‘ – Undoes the last move.

Solve One‘ – Picks the next, best move.

Solve All‘ – Completes the puzzle.

New Puzzle‘ – Randomly generates a new puzzle.

Extract Puzzle‘ – Scans an image, reads the values and loads them in to a new puzzle.

Moves Taken‘ – Shows the elapsed time and number of moves taken so far.

Moves Remaining‘ – Shows the number of moves to complete the puzzle.

1‘ .. ‘9‘ – Puts the number in the current (selected) cell.

Board Status‘ – Shows green if all OK, yellow if puzzle is currently unsolvable, red if puzzle rules are violated. Press this button to show/hide puzzle rule violations.


Use Image‘ – Accepts scanned image and creates a new puzzle.

From Camera‘ – Uses the camera to take a photo of a puzzle.

From Photo Library‘ – Uses a photo from your device’s photo library.

Rotate‘ – Rotates the image 90 degrees.

Extract‘ – Processes the image and extracts the Sudoku puzzle.

Help‘ – Shows the help window.

Cancel‘ – Closes the window (and NOT accept scanned image).


Unlike some Sudoku games, KuMaster does not create puzzles that are up/down symmetrical.

Avoid shading the image with your device when extracting with the camera.

KuMaster cannot extract hand written numbers from images.

After extracting, you may correct any values by tapping on the value shown.

Photo picker only works with vertical screen.